Flexible training delivery options benefit you, your team and your organization.

  • Comprehensive: One streamlined program for professional development or APICS CLTD certification.
  • Consistent: Achieve a uniform level of knowledge across your organization, refresh and strengthen understanding to increase overall productivity.
  • Convenient delivery options: Self-study, Study Groups, or Instructor-led classes onsite or through a local APICS Education Partner.
  • Cost-effective and efficient: Benefit from purchasing together and group reporting, eliminating employee travel expenses to training sites and minimizing time away from work and family.
  • Results-oriented: Detailed web-based group reporting to track individual and group progress and document results of your training investment.


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Delivery Options

The CLTD Learning System program is flexible and can be implemented in a number of different learning settings to meet the training education needs of your organization or group.

Independent Study

Participants receive their own program to complete at their pace on their schedule. This includes online access to comprehensive training materials, including learning modules and interactive quizzes, learning activities, practice questions, and flashcards.


Study Groups
Study groups can be informal or formal. In each situation, the participants complete CLTD Learning System components on their own and address discussion and questions with a group. Groups of 10 or more can use the companion instructor-led materials to guide their review.

Instructor-led Course

On-site Course Customized to Your Needs
The APICS CLTD course can easily be delivered to training classes of 10 or more. Comprehensive instructor’s notes, presentation slides and participant materials provide everything needed to offer on-site training using a APICS CLTD-certified or APICS CLTD-experienced member of your staff or using an APICS-provided instructor. Also included are suggested agenda, syllabus and numerous opportunities to reinforce company-specific philosophies and practices throughout the course.

Online Instructor-led Review Course
These online APICS CLTD review courses are interactive and easily navigated. These courses are asynchronous, which allows you 24/7 course access so you may progress at your own pace as long as you stay current with the course schedule. Participants will have the opportunity to interact online with instructors and fellow learners in a private environment.